About Us

Westside Educational Complex prepares students for the world by challenging them to achieve academic success, and by connecting their human spirit and imagination to learning.

You're Welcome

Mrs. Sharin Tabiri


This is a school that provides children with strong foundational skills and equips them to become flexible,creative thinkers and engaged citizens. Our mission to challenge students to achieve academic success, andto connect their human spirit and imagination to learning, is so essential in today’s world.

In 1st March 2016, Westside began with just 4 students in preschool. Today, we have almost 350 students from preschool to third Grade.

I am proud to be a part this unique school community. Our teachers are skillful, passionate, and hard-working. Our parents are committed and supportive. Our students are delightful and exceptional. It is our people who make the difference.

This school is a special place, a place where children are known and honored, where they are encouraged to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically, a place where joyful and integrated learning is at the forefront of our philosophy of education. With an outstanding Annual school events that is second to none, Westside students receive an extraordinary education.

Here at Westside, we are proud of the way we challenge kids to stretch and learn. They are confident, thoughtful, accomplished, creative, articulate, respectful, and kind.

I warmly encourage you to visit us in person to experience the unique programs, imagination, and spirit of our school.

I look forward to meeting you.